What is Double Incontinence?

Living with incontinence of any kind is extremely challenging and can bring about feelings of shame and hopelessness. With the right support however, from carers and your family, and with the right type of clothing and accessories, such as incontinence pads, incontinence pants and incontinence bed sheets, you can live as full a life as possible whilst maintaining strong levels of health and hygiene. Learning more about incontinence can certainly help in understanding what type of incontinence pad is best for your personal needs.

Let’s begin with learning about double incontinence and a few of the different types of incontinence that people can suffer from.

Double incontinence is simply the condition where both the bladder and bowel incontinence occurs at the same time. There are a few different reasons for this, as well as potential treatments and ways in which a life can be eased back into a comfortable condition (through the use of incontinence products).

Bowel incontinence or faecal incontinence is where a person is unable to control their bowel movements. This can lead to a range of leakage, from light leakage from the bowel to total loss of bowel control. This can, as you can imagine, cause great stress to the person suffering from it, causing a damage to a person’s dignity and meaning they are more likely to avoid social situations altogether, if there is a chance of losing control of their bowel.

Bladder incontinence is a common problem where urine leaks from the bladder. This, like bowel incontinence, can occur in a wide range of severity, from occasional leakage due to sneezing or coughing, right through to larger leakages that frequently take place every day. There are other reasons bladder incontinence might happen too, for both physical and psychological reasons. This could be down to nerve damage or other injuries that have occurred through no fault of the person suffering with double incontinence.

 If you are suffering from double incontinence, or you care for someone with double incontinence, comfort should always be a priority. It is a sensitive matter to discuss and an incontinence product, such as an incontinence pad, can make a massive difference to the comfort of the person suffering. It is always best to find the exact right fit and comfort to ensure that even if it continues, that person knows that the leakage is being dealt with in the best possible way, keeping them as hygienic and comfortable as possible throughout.

Choosing the right type of incontinence accessory for your needs is crucial to your comfort, hygiene, as well as your physical and mental wellbeing. As you can see, double incontinence can cause a whole host of issues that you and your carer(s) must be aware of at all times. Choosing the right incontinence pads could make a massive difference to your comfort and your ongoing happiness in your daily life. Understanding the different causes and types of incontinence will go a long way to helping you make the correct choices for your specific needs.

Post Author: Ryan Luka