What Consists Of A Dental Emergency?

We are all aware of Medical emergencies and have at least some necessary information about how to act when required. But one aspect of medical emergency that is hardly ever spoken about is dental emergencies. From a sports injury to a fall, or a car accident, they can strike anytime due to any number of unfortunate instances. It is essential to go to dentists like https://montrosefamilydental.com immediately to prevent more damages to the gums and teeth.

Apart from going to the dentist earliest, there are a few other immediate things you should keep in mind.

  • Knocked out tooth: It is more common than you would realize. A tooth that has ultimately come out of the socket either due to a fall of serious injury should get handled quickly. Fast action is the only way to keep it salvageable. If the tooth gets completely knocked out, you should put it in a cup of salt water or milk and rush to the dentist.
  • Oral Infection: Another common dental problem, it can be due to many reasons, including some that although require medical care, is not an emergency. If your symptoms include swelling around the jawline or under the mouth, accompanied by difficulty in breathing and swallowing it is the sign of Ludwig’s Aangina. This infection occurs at the base of the mouth. It is best to get immediate medical help.
  • Severe Pain: If the pain in and around your mouth is unbearable, then it requires immediate medical intervention. It includes extreme sensitivity to hot or cold or excessive pain following facial trauma or a chipped tooth.

  • Injury: At times, a bite to the tongue, or a cheek, tongue or lip injury may end up bleeding profusely. If the bleeding does not stop in a reasonable amount of time, it turns into a wound and requires medical attention.
  • Bone Injury: if you have an unfortunate fall an accident which leads to uncontrollable pain in and around your mouth, you could have a broken jaw. These are extremely painful and should extremely serious. You should rush to the ER if such a case occurs.


No matter the problem, if it does not get solved in a reasonable amount of time, you should get medical help. In case of excruciating pain, broken, chipped or knocked out tooth, broken jaws or uncontrollable bleeding immediate medical assistance should be sought.

Post Author: Ryan Luka