Thinking of Taking Up MMA? Things you Should Know

Mixed martial arts is considered to most brutal of all full-contact sports and for good reason, as almost anything goes when you are in the cage with an opponent. Ask any pro MMA fighter and they will tell you that this sport is not for the faint of heart and if you are thinking of trying out MMA, here are a few important things to know.

  • Accept the risks – There’s no doubt that MMA is a dangerous discipline, with kicks and elbows that can be used to attack your opponent. Of course, it would be quite a while before you would even be allowed to spar, let alone take part in a fight and when your trainer thinks you are ready for some real sparring, they would let you know.
  • MMA for self-defence – Not all participants want to compete, indeed, many people simply want to be able to defend themselves in the event they are attacked. Sign up for a basic course at any MMA camp in Bangkok and learn how to defend yourself and you won’t regret it.
  • Physical fitness – If you are planning to take up MMA, you do need to be healthy; it might be an idea to see your local GP and mention the MMA. If you are looking for self-defence techniques or simply fitness, it isn’t as important as when you plan to go all the way and fight competitively. You would not be allowed to compete if you are not 100% physically, as the dangers are very real.
  • Equipment – You will need gloves and a mouthguard when sparring; the MMA camp sells everything you need to get started and in the beginning you would be mainly focusing on movement, striking and blocking techniques. If you want to start learning, you don’t need anything other than the desire at the start, as the gym provides all the equipment.
  • Tough training – As you progress through the classes, the training gets more demanding and your instructor knows when you are ready for more intense training, guiding you to a new level.

Whether you would like to set off on the long road to MMA competition or you simply want to be able to defend yourself, the crazy world of MMA is very addictive. Go along to a local MMA gym in Bangkok and see for yourself what goes on and the chances are, you will want to join in.

Post Author: Ryan Luka