Know in Detail about Skin Tags and How it is Removed

Skin tags are the common issue that appears on the skin. It may be a tiny flap or protruding part of skin that can appear on any part of your body. Most often the over growth of skin looks harmless, and thus people feel that medical intervention is not required. Moreover, they are afraid that the skin tag removal cost will be expensive and tend to ignore it. Nonetheless, some skin tags have proven to be the initial indication of severe ailment. Hence, it is better to know more about skin tags.

More about skin tags:

  • Appearance: They are small growths present on skin or flesh. Mostly it grows in the area where skin is likely to rub like in neck, arm pit, groin or any place where the muscle folds such as the underside of the buttock. However, these can appear anywhere even on face.
  • Causes: It is not gender or age specific. Unfortunately, it can be seen on any person’s body anytime. However, you need to visit the doctor when it seems to be twisted, bleeds or irritates often.

  • Can’t be eliminated at home: Most often people try to cut it off with knife or other do it yourself methods. This can be painful and leads to bleeding. It needs proper surgical process to get rid of it.

Normal process adapted by doctors to remove skin tag:

  • Snipping: Doctors numb the area where the skin tag is present and snips it off. The whole process takes few minutes and the skin becomes clear immediately.
  • Freezing: It isn’t the most preferred way of removing skin tag has it doesn’t give immediate results and moreover causes inflammation.
  • Electrodessication: It is the most used method to take off stubborn skin tags. The tissue is dried out by surgical process. A thin needle like electrode is passed into the tissue with electric current. This process stops cell growth and becomes lifeless.

The good news is that skin tag once removed won’t appear again. Whenever you feel that the skin tags need to be removed or it causes discomfort, it is best to see a cosmetic surgeon near you. While staying in Tampa, you can anytime log on to to know more about the facts of skin tags and the contact details of popular cosmetic surgeons. While the skin tag seems inflamed or infected, it is best to meet the surgeon immediately for effective treatment.

Post Author: Ryan Luka