Here is What You Should Expect from Your First Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are much more famous than the straightening and rebonding methods. If you have never done a keratin treatment before, here is what you should expect from it.

  • The entire process takes only 2 hours of your time

Keratin treatment doesn’t take longer hours like rebonding does. Rebonding takes around 3 to 5 hours to be completed. But keratin treatment takes only 2.

Here is what the process looks like:

  • A clarifying shampoo is applied for removing the accumulated dirt in your hair and scalp
  • Then you hair is blow dried
  • Then keratin treatment is applied and left aside to settle in your hair for 1 minute.
  • Then the keratin treatment in your hair is blow dried
  • Then the hair is flat ironed
  • Your hair is washed to remove the entire product
  • Then keratin sealing serum is applied
  • Finally, your hair is blow dried.

  • You may find some fumes being emitted when your hair is flat ironed

On the basis of the keratin treatment being applied, you may notice that the fumes emit you’re your hair is flat ironed. The fumes entail low levels of formaldehyde, but nowadays there are new kinds of keratin treatments that have the lowest amount of such concentrations. And there are also treatments where you may barely notice any fumes at all.

  • Your hair will look really, really straight after flat ironing

Just after the flat ironing is done, your hair will look stick straight. This is not a concern as it wouldn’t look so flat. All you have to do is wash your hair when you get back home and you can style your hair in blowouts with ease. And you can look after your hair by proper methods and always buy keratin infused products online.

  • You may notice that your hair color is changing

If you have colored your hair recently, the flat ironing combined with keratin treatment may lead your hair color to change. Hence, always consult with a professional hair stylist first before you undergo a keratin hair treatment.

  • The anti frizz impact may fade over time

Keratin treatment functions by creating and binding a layer of keratin on your hair with the help of heat or flat ironing. The more you wash your hair or style it with heat, the faster the keratin fades. If you don’t look after your hair with a keratin shampoo to replace the keratin, then you may notice that the anti frizz may fade within a month. Always make the use of proper homecare and you may enjoy the best benefits if keratin for more than 6 months.

Post Author: Ryan Luka