Before You Get Braces Know What Is Expected of You While Using Braces

Braces aren’t only used to straighten teeth. It can correct many other issues including aligning upper and lower jaws, relieve pressure on temporomandibular joints, crooked teeth, bite problems etc. Most of these dental problems require early medical attention since if left untreated for long, it can lead to tooth decay, headache, chewing problems or gum disease.

Earlier more kids and teens wore braces but lately getting braces as an adult is on the rise because of the number of comfortable braces options available. If you are looking for reputable dental clinics to discuss about braces options in Lake Jackson, Texas, book an appointment with All Smiles Family Dental Care. They are very popular in the area for their high-quality service.

Questions to ask during your dental visit:

  • What are the braces options suitable for me?
  • How long would I be required to wear braces?
  • How many dental visits does the procedure require?
  • What is the cost?

Talk through the different options available and weigh the pros and cons of each type of braces. After getting the braces, you’ll be required to wear them anywhere between 6 weeks to few months depending. Braces require extra care. Your regular dental routine wouldn’t suffice. You’ll have to follow additional precautions.

Brushing after every time you eat:

Food particles tend to get caught up in braces easily (especially with traditional metal braces) and these can lead to other dental problems. Rinse your mouth, brush each tooth paying attention to the gum line and areas above and below the brackets using a soft-bristled tooth brush and rinse again at the end.


Flossing is recommended at least once a day. Floss between the braces and under the wires. A floss threader makes flossing easier. Another good option is waxed floss that easily slides between your teeth. For those who have gaps between teeth an interproximal brush works better.

Foods to avoid:

There are food restrictions with braces types that have to worn the entire day. Sugary and starchy foods cause plaque buildup around the brackets which leads to teeth staining, cavities and gum diseases. Sticky and chewy foods like dried fruits, corn, caramel, taffy and chewing gum get stuck on to the braces and hard to remove. Avoid biting on hard foods.

If ever you miss brushing your teeth after having food, remember to brush as soon you remember. It is important to follow all these instructions to make sure you see effective dental results at the earliest and keep other dental problems at bay.

Post Author: Ryan Luka