Avail the Best Breast Reduction Surgery in Conroe For Your Breasts

Usually, people who have large breasts tend to suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain, and back ache. They also do have low self-esteem because of their large breasts.

However, there is one solution to correct this problem and that is undergoing breast reduction surgery. With the best plastic surgeon in Conroe, you can have the desired size and shape for your breast. However, finding the board-certified surgeons may be a daunting process.

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Breast Reduction Surgery – What You Must Know

This surgery is also known as mammoplasty and is a safe cosmetic surgery. It is the process of removing excess fat, skin and tissue in the breasts using liposuction procedure. If you are worried about your large breasts or your breast is not proportionate to your body size then you can opt of breast reduction surgery.

Women who smoke, or if they have any critical health conditions like diabetes or heart problems, or obese are not candidates for breast reduction surgery.

Operation takes between 2 to 3 hours depending on the breast size. You may have to stay in hospital. These surgeries can be done by using local or general anesthesia. Seek the help of your family members or friends to drop you home.

Inform your office or school that you will be off to work for 2 to 3 weeks. You may be advised not to do any vigorous exercise or any weight lifting for a certain period of time.

Surgeries always have some kind of risks. Some negative effects of this surgery are –

  • There may be incision scars in your breast, though it may fade but won’t disappear.
  • You may find numbness in breast and nipples. In most of the cases, it cures by itself within a maximum of two months. If it persists consult your surgeon immediately.
  • Half of the women who undergo this surgery face difficulty in breast-feeding and it is not at all predictable.
  • Sometimes both breasts won’t be of same size and shape.

After surgery your breast size would have gone one to two sizes small. Having breast reduction surgery will help you gain your self-confidence and you can happily wear your favourite dress. Having a healthy diet plan and weight will retain the benefits of your surgery.

Post Author: Ryan Luka